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The Titanic Trail- Guided Walking Tours Cobh Co. Cork

The Titanic Trail offers a guided Titanic Tour of Cobh. Cobh (Queenstown) in Co. Cork was the last port of call of the RMS Titanic before it departed from Ireland bound for the United States. Yet, it never arrived at its destination. Many of Cobh’s buildings and piers have not changed since 1912. In addition to this, The Titanic Trail is the longest operating Titanic attraction in Ireland.

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A Range of Guided walking tours and experiences in Cobh and Cork City.

Our expert team of local guides provide an extensive range of specialised walking tours. These include the world renowned Titanic Trail Cobh, The Cobh Ghost Tour, The Cobh Cultural and Centenary Tours and the Cork City Ramble.

Titanic Trail, Cobh

Titanic Trail, Cobh

Cork City Ramble, Cork

Cork City Ramble, Cork

Cobh Ghost Tour

Cobh Ghost Tour

Titanic Tour Cobh

A Guided Tour on The Titanic Trail

The Titanic Trail walking tour, is a guided tour of Cobh which follows in the footsteps of passengers who boarded the Titanic there in 1912 and the millions of emigrants who left Ireland. Suitable for all age groups, the tour operates daily from early January to mid December. The Titanic Trail also offers private tours that cater for any group size facilitating mutually agreed timings and pick-up locations to suit any schedule.

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Titanic’s last Stop by BBC with Dr Michael Martin

“The Titanic Trail walking tour has been filmed by 20th Century Fox, National Geographic and many other travel documentaries.”

The Titanic Trail welcomes ALL visitors and clients regardless of beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identification, physiological, psychological or biological preference or difference. We are allies of the LGBTQ+ community and all its diversity. You are valued, cherished and will always be made welcome by our company in this part of the world.

Michael and Geraldine Martin, managing directors Titanic Trail guided walking tours and heritage activities Cobh Co Cork Ireland.

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