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The Father Browne Prints Collection

Francis Browne, a Jesuit priest, was “a master photographer with an unerring eye” and his photographic collection contains the only visual chronicle of photographs of the Titanic as she anchored and left Queenstown (Cobh) in Ireland to set across the Atlantic

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Captain Smith, on Starboard Bridge Wing

This intriguing image captures Captain Smith looking down over the starboard wing of the bridge just forward of the out-turned lifeboat No. 1.  It was taken while the ship was anchored at the mouth of Cork Harbour. It is the last picture of Captain Smith and a treasured element of the Father Browne collection.

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Cobh in Mourning, Flags at Half Mast

This image depicts the town of Cobh in mourning for the victims of the Titanic and was taken by Father Francis Browne, studying to be a Jesuit priest at the time. This master photographer was an nephew of the local bishop, Robert Browne, who had given him an unusual present:

€14.99 + P&P

Stern View of the Titanic

The Titanic Trail collection offers you this poignant photographic print, ‘Stern View, Titanic’ from the famous Father Browne Collection of Titanic images. Taken while the ship is anchored at the entrance to Cork harbour, passengers can be seen relaxing on the after deck.

€14.99 + P&P

Titanic Dropping Anchor in Cobh

The Titanic Trail is delighted to be able to offer the “Titanic Dropping Anchor in Cobh” print from the famous Father Browne Collection of Titanic images.

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White Star Line Offices

This photograph was taken by Father Browne some time after the tragic sinking of Titanic. It depicts a scene of passengers at the back of the White Star and America line offices building in Cobh.

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