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This booklet brings you through all the landmarks along the Titanic Trail. In full colour with photos and information about all the stops on the Titanic Trail. A great souvenir if you have been on the Titanic Trail. Signed by the author and creator of the Titanic Trail, Michael Martin.

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The publication of this book throws a whole new perspective on the sinking of the RMS Lusitania just off the coast of Ireland on 7th May 1915 during the First World War. Amidst great human tragedy and the untimely death of over 1000 innocent civilians, the narrative of a terrible attack on an innocent begins to circulate. It was later claimed that the incident led to the United States immediately entering the war. But was it an innocent ship? Did it prompt a reluctant nation into war? D

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In the late 1980s an ‘Army Crisis’ dominated the news headlines in Ireland.  From amidst the turmoil a group of women step into the breach to highlight the problems of their menfolk in the Defence Forces. They demand the right of association for military personnel. Soldiers themselves look to the law to establish their rights through the courts. This book reveals the insights, the issues and the intrigue that led to a change in legislation where soldiers were afforded the very rights that they are usually expected to defend.

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Accompany Dr Martin on an intriguing visit to Spike Island. He campaigned for years to highlight the historical value of this place and helped save it from developmental destruction. His passion and appreciation for the multi faceted heritage of Spike island in self evident in this DvD.

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In this, the first book ever written about Spike Island, Dr Martin contrasts two pivotal elements of the islands history. Exploring the monastic period and the period during Ireland’s Great Famine the book describes the circumstances under which the island came to be a convict depot for prisoners awaiting transportation to Australia and investigates the possibility that centuries earlier, it could have played a central role in the culture of Irish monastic life.

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Fr Browne Photographs

Dr Martin’s amazing selection of six of Fr Francis Browne’s ‘Titanic Collection’ of photographs taken in Titanic’s last port of call, is only available here in one place. These photographs bring Titanic’s last hours in her last port of call to life. Fr Browne was one of just 7 passengers who disembarked at Cobh. His images provide a fascinating insight into the last time this ship was seen as a fully operational and seagoing vessel. Purchased individually, these prints would cost €90

€79 + P&P

Amazing imagery and insights into the extensive historical backdrop of Cobh and Cork Harbour. Filmed with Dr Martin soon after the establishment of the Titanic Trail Guided Walking tour of Cobh in 1998, this collection of narrative, film footage and information is as fresh and as intriguing as it was then.

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