• Amazing imagery and insights into the extensive historical backdrop of Cobh and Cork Harbour. Filmed with Dr Martin soon after the establishment of the Titanic Trail Guided Walking tour of Cobh in 1998, this collection of narrative, film footage and information is as fresh and as intriguing as it was then.
  • “A Heritage Journey Across the Mists of Time” This booklet brings you through all the landmarks along the Titanic Trail in Cobh. In full colour with photos and information about all the stops on the Trail. A great souvenir if you have been on the guided walking tour, it incorporates a 'Certificate of Completion' on the inside front cover.  Purchase here and have your copy signed by the author and creator of the Titanic Trail, Dr Michael Martin.
  • The Titanic Trail is delighted to be able to offer a unique range of six photographic prints from the famous Father Browne Collection of Titanic images. The photo's that Father Browne took on that journey are the only one's that survived of people on the ship at sea. They are generally available to the public but Dr Martin has authorisation to offer for sale the six most closely with Cobh.
  • The Titanic Trail collection offers you this poignant photographic print, 'Stern View, Titanic' from the famous Father Browne Collection of Titanic images. Taken while the ship is anchored at the entrance to Cork harbour, passengers can be seen relaxing on the after deck.
  • Shot on location, this short film explores some of the fascinating history of Spike Island. Accompanied by Dr Michael Martin, author of Spike Island, saints, felons and famine(Dublin 2007), viewers will learn of the intriguing history of the island and see parts of it that reflect some of the major historical events in Ireland including, the monastic period, the Great Famine of the mid 19th century and the struggle for independence.
  • Examining a raft of old and new evidence suggesting a more sinister function of RMS Lusitania this book explores the widespread use of civilian vessels within the war effort; it shines a light on the operational response of the Royal Navy in the immediate aftermath of the incident; and it looks at the nature of the response of the United States at this crucial juncture. And above all this book questions the narrative that has grown up around one of the most pivotal junctures in the war to end all wars.
  • The Titanic Trail Father Browne Collection of Titanic images, brings you  "Cobh In Mourning, Flags At Half Mast". This image depicts the town of Cobh in mourning for the victims of the Titanic and was taken by Father Francis Browne, studying to be a Jesuit priest at the time.
  • This book reveals for the first time, the deep seated philosophies, tensions and reservations between Ireland’s military and its government from the foundation of the State to the present day. It explores in detail the events that led to the successful pursuit of the democratic right of association for members of the armed forces in Ireland. It articulates the concept of the citizen in uniform and the special relationship between members of the armed forces and society.


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